At Nineteen we LOVE events

Here's why...

Peter, CEO: 'Events! Often the largest marketing investment a business will undertake, and as such, a tremendous empowerment for Organisers to deliver upon that trust placed in us. Having spanned most forms of media, no other stirs a mix of adrenalin and excitement quite like the opening morning of a major expo!'

Izak, CFO: 'Unlimited creative opportunities, everything is possible…as long as it stays WITHIN BUDGET…Dangling a pink elephant from the venue roof, no problem. Arranging a secret, secret meeting, no problem. For every problem there is a solution.' 

Mark, Content Director: 'Packed conference rooms and standing room only theatres, oceans of insight and knowledge there for the taking, avid but discerning audiences connected with opinion leaders and luminaries, passionate presenters intent on sharing; this essential and eclectic blend brings events to life and is the ultimate goal every time. Love it!'

David, Foreign Engagement Officer: 'I would like to think that anyone that works in events does it for the same reason. Seeing months of hard work and planning culminate in a successful event which brings together thousands of people to meet, do business and hopefully have a good time. Even after 20 years, I still get a buzz out of seeing it all come together on every show I work on.'

Mirabelle, Head of Operations: 'Having worked in the industry for nearly 30 years I can honestly say that no other job could give me the thrill of seeing an event come to life, the satisfaction of bringing people together to do business and the knowledge that you’ve made a difference to people’s lives.'

Monika, Event Director: 'Love at first sight! When I started in exhibitions many years ago the world was different. No iPhones, iPads etc but simple meeting face to face was a key to keep business going. Exhibitions changed as the world did but the chemistry and buzz on the exhibition floor when people meet outside virtual reality can’t be replaced by any electronic gadgets! Exhibitions are real as people who organise them and attend them, that’s why I love events!'

Philip, Business Development Manager: 'What’s not to love? The thrill of the chase, the fast moving markets, international travel and meeting people from all walks of life; what other job could open doors for me to rub shoulders with the likes of Government, Plastic Surgeons, Super Model look-a-likes and MI5 Agents all in 1 year..?'